Title Searches

A title search is typically provided by a title company or a licensed attorney and is the basis for providing title insurance products, such as title reports, abstracts of title, title commitments, and title insurance policies.

The title search is the initial process by which official land records are accessed in the public records (i.e., the county clerk or county registry’s office) concerning the real property at hand. Each document evidences an event that occurred as a part of the history of the real property. For instance, a deed records an event of property transfer, a mortgage or deed of trust records a collateral interest in the real property, an easement records an interest in the real property to use the property for a specific purpose (such as utilities or access), and a lien records a claim against the real property in favor of another.

The documents from the search of title are then reviewed by the title company to see how they affect the real property, and a report is prepared to detail the status of title to the real property, i.e., who owns the real property and what interests it is subject. By incorporating our technology systems, we are able to deliver the title commitment and all supporting documents to you in an online process to manage the title data and distribution in an efficient manner.